Lil Stinger Infant-Toddler CostumeYou’re at the right place if you want to be the Halloween Hit of the Hive! Your bold stripes, stunning style, and eye catching colors will knock ‘em dead!

You can masquerade as a Sexy Adult Bee, an Outrageous Queen Bee-otch, fantasize as a Cool Killer Bee, suit up as Transformer Bee, and dress up your adorable infant as a Baby Bee Bunting Bumble Bee, your toddler as a sassy Stinger Bee, your kid as a cute Bumble, or Tween Honey of a Bee… and that’s just for starters!

What’s more, a bee suit is economical. You’ll be ready for any dress up or fantasy affair whether it’s a Halloween or Birthday party, a Masked Ball or a school play.

Lil Stinger Infant/Toddler Costume

Oh! Memories are made of this. Perfect for your tiny Prince or Princess Bee Charming, this bee costume from the Elite Collection is excellent quality, has attention to style and detail (and really good pricing) to befit your infant’s royal position in the hive. The cute, velour, zippered bodysuit with snap leg closure for easy diaper changes is completely lined for cool weather trick-or-treating. Stinger and hood are attached. Wings snap on. Skid-resistant, slip-on booties are indoor-only. Machine washable. Sizes: 6-12 Months, 12-18 Months, and 18 Months – 2T.

All-in-all lots of great reviews for this costume. But please note: You’ll find the antennae do not stand as upright as shown in the photo and the costume’s mid-section is very roomy and may be loose fitting.

Queen Bee Infant Costume

Queen Bee Infant Costume

So young and already an exquistely delicate Queen. Your lovely little queen bee will receive so many compliments in her black and yellow costume. It features a tulle/satin/jewel studded layered petal skirt and very sturdy attached wings with metallic detail. Comfortable, great quality, easy to get on and off, a great buy with low cost shipping, make this outfit a total winner! Hand washable. Available in one size that fits most Infants up to 24 Months. Tights and Shoes are not included. More Baby Bees!

Killer Bee Sexy Adult

Killer Bee Sexy Adult

If looks could kill… She’s angry. Her stinger is deadly. She’s a bee on a killing spree. One look could be fatal! Wrap your “attitude” in a stop ‘em dead costume and strut it to your next Halloween or dress up party. The stretch velvet dress has a two way zipper, sequin bra top, antennae hat, wings, gloves, and toy gun. Sunglasses and boots are not included. Available in women sizes Small, Medium, and Large.

You’re on your own for the sunglasses, but black or patent leather boots can be had. As a boot alternative, check out these thigh high striped stockings. Smashing with black patent heels. More Sexy Bees!

Daisy Bee Dog Costume

Who me? Yes, I’m ready. Bring it on! Don’t I look the cutest in my beautifully detailed costume, from my well made wings, to my daisy applique, to my little black tutu skirt! And check out my friend  Zelda in her Bumblebee dog costume, my poodle buddy and my other posh pal. Click Here for a Huge List of Pet Costumes!
I say Par-tay!

Halloween Bee Dog Costume

How About This Transformer Bee Costume!


Information about Transformers Bumblebee. Bumblebee is a small yellow Autobot who transforms into a Volkswagen Beetle. He is the “little kid” and mascot of the Autobots. He is always trying to impress the bigger, stronger robots, especially his leader Optimus Prime, who he respects tremendously. Little Bumblebee so admires the other autobots that he takes dangerous risks to prove himself to them. He’s kind of a wise-guy, but even so he is a very reliable and able messenger and spy. Being so small, he can get into places his taller leaders can’t. He has amazing eyesight and is very fuel efficient, and, interestingly, especially adaptable to underwater environments.

 Bee Facts: Did you know there are over 20,000 types of bees?
What kind of bee will you be this Halloween?

Costume terms and fabrics: tulle, satin, velour, stretch velvet, sequin, applique

How to take care of your Hand washable bee outfits and costumes.